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Born on the Cycladic island of Skinoussa into a musical family of many generations, Nikos drew his first musical inspiration from his grandfather and father, who were well-known violinists.

He studied western classical violin at the Athens Odeon with Ismini Karter-Hrisohoou and at the National Odeon with Kostas Settas, while simultaneously researching and working on the music that first interested him--traditional Greek music. At the age of fifteen, he began collaborating professionally with Dora Stratou, and participated in making both audio and film recordings, in part for national radio and television, of traditional music from Evros (northeastern Thrace) all the way to Cyprus.

Nikos Oikonomidis has occupied himself with the systematic recording of traditional pieces, such as those included in "Thalassina Perasmata" (Sea Passages), with his own arrangements of songs which he plays and sings with Mariza Koch and other musicians. On the 1991 CD, "Perasma sta Kythira" (Passage to Kythira), produced in collaboration with the cultural syllogos (association) Myrtia Kythiron, Nikos recorded pieces from the musical tradition of that island, and in 1997, on the CD, "Anatolika tou Aigaiou" (The Eastern Aegean), music from the northeastern Aegean islands. The year 2001 brought the superb CD "Perasma stin Amorgo" (Passage to Amorgos), with music from that island, produced in collaboration with the cultural and artistic syllogos, Simonidis. With the exception of the early recording, "Thalassina Perasmata", all of these CDs continue to be distributed via Nikos' recording company, Oikonomidis Music.

Other recordings include three with Nikos' own songs: "Arhondissa tou Limaniou" (Noblewoman of the Harbor), "Antikeri"and "Horos sta Kymata" (Dance on the Waves), as well as two recordings with singer-interpreter Eleni Legaki: «Agapi kai Thalassa» (Love and the Sea) and «Otan akouo to violi» (When I hear the Violin), both highly acclaimed. Two songs from these recordings, ‘Opa opa', and ‘Yianda na me theleis yianda', achieved widespread popularity all over Greece.

Nikos has participated in international festivals and took third prize in the international festival of traditional music "Sharg Taronalari" (Melodies of the East), organized in Samarkand under the aegis of UNESCO. Since 1990, he has created, with other leading musicians, the musical group "Keros", which has performed in concerts, both within Greece and in other countries, offering audiences the authentic sound of the music of the Aegean Sea and of Asia Minor. He has collaborated with all of the leading performers of Greek traditional music, as well as with composers and singers of more modern Greek music, in the musical genre known as "entekno", and has taught traditional music at the University of Southern Μaine in the framework of cultural exchange, sponsored by the Ministry of the Aegean and the University of Southern Maine. In 2001, he founded the recording company Oikonomidis MUSIC, which has as its goal the systematic recording, documentation, and advancement of traditional Greek music.

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by Souzana Raphael, published in AthensNews.gr

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