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Kyriaki Spanou
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Kyriaki Spanou was born and raised in Parikia, Paros. She studied at the Department of History and Archaeology at the School of Philosophy,University of Athens, while simultaneously taking lessons in both classical voice technique, with Popi Petrioli-Photopoulou, and in traditional song, with Domna Samiou at the Music of Popular Traditional Instruments of Fivos Anoyinakis.

She sang from a very early age in the music and dance group of the island, "Naoussa of Paros", and participated energetically in the cultural activities of her area.

She has participated in many festivals of traditional dance and song both in Greece and in other countries and has collaborated with prominent figures in the genres of "entekno" and "laiko" music, but mainly in the genre of traditional Greek music.

In recent years she has collaborated with the violinist, composer and interpreter of the music of the Aegean Sea, Nikos Oikonomidis, having as her goal the ethical and respectful support of Greek island musical tradition.


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Ο Νίκος Οικονομίδης στο 'Ελλήνων Δρώμενα'

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Κύριακή 5 Φεβουαρίου 2012, 13:00 στην ΕΤ1. Εκπομπή 6η: Με το Νίκο Οικονομίδη στις Κυκλάδες

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Παραδοσιακοί χοροί και τραγούδια της Χίου